We need to stop treating climate issues like feeling sorry for our neighbour’s dog! It is a severe problem that needs our attention. State of Global Air 2020 report states that close to half a million infants died due to air pollution caused reasons in the year 2019. Detailed analysis shows that South Asian countries are in the second place preceded by African countries.

Cases in South Asian and South-Eastern Countries are different from African child mortality due to air pollution. In the African countries, the primary reason for children below 5 years falling sick are caused due to indoor…

Mornings are the most difficult time when you are going through some challenges. Getting up from the bed itself a big challenge when your heart is broken. Quitting is not the option. Talk it out.

It breaks my heart to hear that someone ended their life because of a lack of love. I am going to share some points that you all need to know, how it feels to be broken. Before that…


Who am I?

I am a young woman, who is pursuing her doctorate in engineering. I love reading and travelling. I am a happy soul who loves adventures. …

For a long time now, this conflict between usage of air conditioners and ceiling fans are on. From power savings to thermal comfort, these cooling appliances are at war since the invention of AC. In a country like India, where ceiling fans are the predominant cooling appliances, ACs are slowly taking up their place.

How it all started?

Ceiling fans have a long history and they are evolving from 4000 BC. The early ceiling fans were made of palm leaves and the manual ceiling fan originated in India by the name of Punkahs in the 17th century. With the development of electric motors, electric…

The whole world was locked behind doors, and the economies came to rest in the year 2020. COVID -19 scared 8.4 billion people at the same time and locked billions of people across the globe inside their houses. Nearly 6.5% of Indians lost their job, businesses came to a standstill, 45% of Indians reported reduced pay, GDP of the country downgrade from 5.3% to 2.5% and the lives of the common public was so affected badly[1]. Besides, thousands of human lives are lost in this pandemic.

Changes in the Environment

Despite all the negative impacts of COVID -19, the pollution…

Have you watched a Kite or flown a kite when you were a kid? The kite flies as high as possible with the wind. It is not afraid of its opponent being strong; it fights and fights until the end. Such is the attitude of a determined person. Confucius has rightly said,

“Our greatest glory is not in never falling but in rising every time we fall.”

The kite example may be abstract, it is a happy non-living thing with no bills to pay or commitments to answer. How about Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk, or Thomas Alva Edison? …

If a post-human, studies Anthropocene Era (Present Days), our identities will be Tupperware, PET bottles, zip-locks, water bottles and straws. We need to do more… yes! Climate change is no joke neither plastic pollution. If you are really concerned about making a change then continue reading or I would say ‘meet you in the next blog’.

Since you have continued on… Kudos! Let’s make a change together.

Climate change is the effect of our actions. We do somethings either out of unawareness or insensitivity that affects our entire sapiens species.

A common mistake we commit which adds to climate change

To err is human

It is our nature to commit…

At first, this word made me wonder. How many marketing terms am I going to read, before I get to choose a mixer/ juicer for my kitchen or a ceiling fan for my bedroom? On deep study about the word, I was surprised at the impact it has and the necessity in today’s climate crisis.

What is Super Energy-Efficient?

An appliance when it can out-perform existing energy-efficient appliance it is termed as SEE. The term is first used by energy rating organisations to categorise an appliance with service value 7–10.

Why Super Energy-Efficient?

You might think why am I bothered…

Divya Priyadharshini Mohan

Writer and a passionate reader. I love fantasy, crime, science fiction and suspense. I write to my heart’s content! Know more about me at www.janewrites.com

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