How important is it to stay determined?

Have you watched a Kite or flown a kite when you were a kid? The kite flies as high as possible with the wind. It is not afraid of its opponent being strong; it fights and fights until the end. Such is the attitude of a determined person. Confucius has rightly said,

“Our greatest glory is not in never falling but in rising every time we fall.”

The kite example may be abstract, it is a happy non-living thing with no bills to pay or commitments to answer. How about Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk, or Thomas Alva Edison? They failed on a large scale–drastic, depressing and loss of huge money.

Facebook is not the first application that Mark built, he had to build many and fail many more times before building Facebook. They kicked Musk out of Paypal before he started SpaceX. Edison failed at least 100 times before the invention of the light bulb.


They were all determined to stand up and come back. True determination is not in never failing but to get up and show up after each failure. Here are a few points on how to be determined to achieve your goals.

1. A determined person never gives up on anything. They are truly determined in trying time after time until perfection.

2. They understand that failures are a part of life and that it helps in growing.

3. They have clarity in their needs. They understand their goals in survival. They strongly believe in achieving their goals as they believe in themselves.

4. They are responsible and understand that excuses are not their way of living. They strive hard in making things a possibility.

5. They are concentrated on the income that will help them survive. They are so much concerned about the legacy they leave behind.

6. They are visionaries and goal-oriented. They consider achieving their goals as the number one priority in life.

Stay focused and determined because the dream you are chasing all these days is always around the corner.

In Joker’s words, “Some people want you to fail. Disappoint them.”

Writer and a passionate reader. I love fantasy, crime, science fiction and suspense. I write to my heart’s content! Know more about me at

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