Super Energy-Efficient Home Appliances???

At first, this word made me wonder. How many marketing terms am I going to read, before I get to choose a mixer/ juicer for my kitchen or a ceiling fan for my bedroom? On deep study about the word, I was surprised at the impact it has and the necessity in today’s climate crisis.

What is Super Energy-Efficient?

An appliance when it can out-perform existing energy-efficient appliance it is termed as SEE. The term is first used by energy rating organisations to categorise an appliance with service value 7–10.

Why Super Energy-Efficient?

You might think why am I bothered? I bet half of you would have concluded I am writing an affiliate blog to promote something. No… I am writing this to make people understand the need for improvement in energy efficiency.

We all are aware of the climate talks around us. The climate critics slamming politicians on all media. We talk. We expect grate changes. We keep pointing our fingers. But the reality is, a lot can be changed if an individual decides to change.

Benefits of Super Energy Efficiency

According to statistics, the total electricity demand in the world is 28TW. For every, 1 kg of coal burnt 0.8 kWh of electricity is produced. Hence to produce 28TW on average 3G tonnes of coal are burnt to emit 8 G tonnes of CO2.

Super Energy Efficient appliances consume very less power and hence reduces the amount of coal burnt. Most SEE appliances consume 56% lesser power than conventional appliances. A ceiling fan manufacturer has given the statistics about super energy-efficient fans which made me think. It was a blog on Super Energy Efficient fans.

Super Energy Efficiency (Source: Superfan)

Environmental impacts of coal-burning

If an anthropologist of the year 4019 studies about the Anthropocene Era aka present days, plastics will be our identity. It’s pathetic that we are drowning in plastic pollution, which is killing every other being on this Earth. Every year 8 million tonnes of plastic is produced and 60% of it ends either as landfill or are disposed of in the sea. India produces 1.8 Million kgs of plastic every day, out of which 1.5 Million kgs are mismanaged. Indus river alone has 164,332 tons of plastic in it now. Despite all the strict bans for plastic, we end up polluting our planet.

Wondering what is there to do with plastic and energy efficiency??? Every 1 ton of plastic reduced, saves 5000 kWh of electricity.

Our planet is diverse with eight million species out of which, one million are facing extinction because of humans. Extinction of species is a serious issue because the food web and ecosystem are disturbed. Our chances for survival are further reduced because the extinction of a particular species has its ripples throughout the animal kingdom. Major causes for extinction are loss of habitat, loss of genetic variation, population, overhunting, the inclusion of a new variety of species and overconsumption. This generation has witnessed numerous species going into oblivion.

For the year 2019, ten species are named critically endangered and will be extinct next year. Various steps are taken by the government, UN summit 2019 has come up with a road map to create a sustainable environment in 2030. With this aim, six key factors are found in which changes have to be made — energy transition, climate finance and carbon pricing, industry transition, nature-based solutions, cities and local action, and resilience.

Global temperature rise is another serious issue. SEE appliances uses lesser power and hence less carbon is emitted in the atmosphere.

One small change by us, as an individual is, replacing the old and conventional electric appliances with energy-efficient or super energy-efficient appliance.

Writer and a passionate reader. I love fantasy, crime, science fiction and suspense. I write to my heart’s content! Know more about me at

Writer and a passionate reader. I love fantasy, crime, science fiction and suspense. I write to my heart’s content! Know more about me at