Mornings are the most difficult time when you are going through some challenges. Getting up from the bed itself a big challenge when your heart is broken. Quitting is not the option. Talk it out.

It breaks my heart to hear that someone ended their life because of a lack of love. I am going to share some points that you all need to know, how it feels to be broken. Before that…


Who am I?

I am a young woman, who is pursuing her doctorate in engineering. I love reading and travelling. I am a happy soul who loves adventures. I always have a big girl gang with me and we could be seen laughing (always laughing)!

What you don’t know about me?

I am a broken vessel. I had 2 failed relationships that broke me into a million pieces. I left a man in the altar (literally), although what I did was right, I always carry guilt in me. My nights are sleepless, emptiness haunts me.

I might look well accomplished, but I always long for love and attention. I may sound selfish, but everyone does, right?

What I did not do?

I did not quit. I stayed there fighting every single day. I focused on my career and education. I went back to college and enrolled myself in a doctoral course. I awarded myself for fighting bravely with a gift (dresses, chocolates and other stuff) regularly.

What I want you to do?

Don’t quit!… hang in there. There is always hope. Tomorrow may be a brighter day! Fight and keep fighting. No failure or sickness is greater than you. Start mediation and grow closer to God daily. Read scriptures and keep yourself motivated. Eat healthily! TALK IT OUT TO SOMEONE.

If you have a friend who is having a bad day, listen! You don’t have to give them advice or consolation. Just stay there and listen. Sometimes staying there silently beside your loved one is all the therapy they need. Don’t judge! Just listen! Smile!

When you are in a garden of hope, something is always blooming. Joyce Meyer.

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