We need to do something! Something right now!

We need to stop treating climate issues like feeling sorry for our neighbour’s dog! It is a severe problem that needs our attention. State of Global Air 2020 report states that close to half a million infants died due to air pollution caused reasons in the year 2019. Detailed analysis shows that South Asian countries are in the second place preceded by African countries.

Cases in South Asian and South-Eastern Countries are different from African child mortality due to air pollution. In the African countries, the primary reason for children below 5 years falling sick are caused due to indoor air pollution and obnoxious household gases. Whereas in the South Asian Countries, an equal number of kids die due to particulate matter (PM2.5) [1]. This implies we have the most inferior air quality than any other place in the world!!!!

Early in September 2019 researchers have warned [2] that the mortality rate will increase further due to air pollution. The air pollution-related problem affects the unborn and fetuses too!

We need to do something!

Improving air quality is everyone’s responsibility. We have crossed the stages of educating people about pollution-related problems. Instead, we need strong government support to overcome the damages that we are facing!

Norway witnessed a change in market behaviour through subsidies on electric vehicles to promote green technology [3]. Suppose all South Asian Countries follows the same by reducing the cost of energy-efficient products. In that case, we will reduce carbon emissions substantially. Acting now will save the environment reparation cost due to damage by inefficient products. Why are we still quiet about inefficient electrical products?

Besides government support, we also need to impose the importance of improving air quality among the common public. We need to encourage social influencers and convince people of authority about the problems that we are about to face. If one tiny virus can lock the entire world behind the doors for a year, imagine how much the adverse effects of air pollution will be!

If we do not act now, act today, we will face irreparable damages very soon! We will be leaving behind a real-life Gotham City for our children. At least Gotham had Batman!

Let us discuss the various other ways, in reducing carbon footprint in the comments. Become the change for a better tomorrow!

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